Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'M BAAAACKKK! {With News}

Well, it's been over 4 months since I have written a blog post, not that I have that many followers dying to read about my life. But recent news has changed things and going back to blogging will help my family keep up with my husband and I. 

(no we're not having a baby)

That's right, us Northerner's who moved to Virginia over a year ago are making a cross country trip to California, Northern California. As much as I am excited to start another chapter in our lives together (Hubby is going to A School, aka training), which means we get to explore California for FOUR MONTHS  (long enough for me & after four months, we hope to be stationed back on the East Coast!), I am terribly upset about leaving our apartment. This is the first place we called Ours, where we had our first Christmas as MR. & MRS, where we hosted our first HOLIDAY and where we made new friends that we will treasure forever. 

Easter/Spring picture of our Apartment
First Room Makeover
First Christmas as Mr & Mrs. 

First Snow Fall in Virginia
(aka. no one can drive)

First Holiday we Hosted!
First Baseball Game Together
First Memorial Day!

Our first, second and third Homecoming together <3
  I knew that when marrying my husband that this home would not be our only home, we will make each apartment/ house we move into our HOME, and although we are soon to be leaving this apartment that brought us many, many happy memories, it will always have a place in our hearts as our first home.

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