Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saving MOO-Lah!

Like any other wife, I try to save money any where I can. While my husband is away, I am going to redo our bedroom and I need new pictures and art to hang up behind our bed. I am going to do doing my own paintings...not sure what I am going to paint yet, and other art work such as the ones I find on Pinterest. Like this:
Which can be purchased here for $35.

But instead I decided to save the money and put it away for our "real" wedding in 2014!
What I did was opened my Microsoft Word and created four different letters in different colors and the size '400'. I then created lines and inserted our names in a text box in the O. Then I added the EST. and the date! If you would like to make one and need more help, please let me know!
Now I am going to buy a white frame instead from of black the dollar store and maybe run over to Michaels to grab white card stock instead of the beige I already have. The total cost will be at most $2-$3!

Here is my finished product:
Hope You Enjoy! <3

Monday, January 28, 2013

It's that kind of Monday...

Well I hate saying goodbyes, see you later, talk to you....sometime? As a military wife I go through continuous hello and goodbyes. Every other two months I watch my husband leave and watch him come home. Today is one of those days of sadness where you don't know when you will hear his voice again, you have no idea where he is, and you WILL be sleeping alone tonight.
Our Last Picture Together For Awhile!!

So, since the hubs is going to be missing Valentines day, I sent him on the boat with a box filled with goodies! I sure hope he waits until Valentine's Day to open it!!
The box includes:
Cheez-its; the hubs favorite, sweet-tarts, sour patch kids, reeses pieces, m&m's, skittles, a box of chocolates, an owl cookie lollipop, red bull, lindor truffles, boot socks, and a message in the bottle. And of course a valentine's card. The box is decorated with scrapbook paper, coastie quotes and valentine stickers, along with some personal pictures from when we were in NYC. Hopefully he enjoys all the goodies inside!! <3

If your hubby or loved one is spending Valentine's day away from you here are a few ideas!
Fourteen Days of Valentine's 
Date in a Jar

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A day at the Aquarium:

Happy Morning Everyone! 
My hubby is leaving soon to go out on another patrol and the last couple of days we have been trying to plan/spend a lot of time with each other. One day we decided we could go to the Aquarium that we have been wanting to go to so much! We asked our friends Mr. & Mrs. Warren to come with. Although it was very expensive we decided to splurge!
The aquarium had two buildings, the ocean one and the 'fresh' water one. The had a nature trail, IMAX movies about the whales&dolphins, the sharks and even exploring the underwater world! 
But my favorite my part of the whole aquarium was being able to pet the sting rays! It was something that I have never done before this visit!

I would highly suggest visiting the aquarium if you ever come to Virginia, or definitely if you have children! It was a day that we just spent together sharing every last moment we have with each other before he leaves!


Friday, January 25, 2013


Valentine's Day is a month away and since my hubby will be away for it, I started crafting for the day. I saw these candle holders here.
And decided instead of spending a million dollars at Michael's or ACMoore, I was going to create my own for only four dollars! I visited the dollar tree and bought a candle stick holder, a candle holder, a white candle and a few glittery hearts!
I then went ahead and hot glued the glass candle holder to the candle stick holder! And then went and glued the glitter hearts around the candle and around the bottom of the candle stick holder creating two valentine's day candle holders, seen here:

For two candle holders, it cost a whopping $7!! A total necessity for any Valentine day lover! <3

Happy Friday!

hello ladies, I know I haven't posted much. but i'm trying to figure out exactly what kind of blog this is going to be. I need help changing my layout and background, and header and honestly I have no idea how to!! So if you can help me out that would great! I need some how to get more followers! So in the coming months I am thinking about doing a give away!! Stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, I have news!!!!
I recently did a "share it to win it" and I won!! I won out of 900 people!

This is the bedspread that I shared! Here is where is shared it from! 
They do a lot of share it and win it kind of stuff!

 I still can't believe I won and I can't wait to get it in the mail!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Outfit Makeover

So, I found this outfit that I absolutely loved on Pinterest a few weeks back. I have been looking for any place that had happened to have something like it. A couple days ago I came a cross something similar to what I had been looking for. 

Here's the outfit I fell in love with:    And here's my version of the outfit:

 Sorry, it's a little blurry but I was just trying it on! 
Top: I think I got from Target or Kmart? It's old.
               Skirt & belt: Target $20

New York City Proposal!

So, I know I haven't been on much. But with the holidays and 
my husband being away and then coming back, life has been so busy!
Recently, we went back home for the holidays. Back home as in the cold Upper states!
Pennsylvania and New York.

We went to New York City for the day/night on December 22nd, 2012.
We went and saw the 911 Memorial, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Top of the Rock.

 While we were there; my brother in law, whose in the Air Force, proposed to his girlfriend on top of the Rockefeller Building. It was so sweet, it was quiet and it was just them two. He was going to do it in front of the Christmas Tree but to get a picture was insane!

It was a great night, and if you have never been to the city, I highly suggest getting there. If you're not use to the cold though I would suggest maybe going in the summer. Because it was so windy and cold that we went in and out of stores just to find warmth! 

 It will a night we will never forget, young love and young marriage! Yeah military! :)