Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cara Box Reveal {My First Ever!}

I have been following Kaitlyn at Wifessionals for awhile now. I noticed the Cara Box on her blog in March and wanted to sign up right away! But my husband and I were planning our trip for our one year anniversary to Disney in April and I thought it wouldn't be fair to whoever I was emailing, being distracted and occupied since my husband also had recently came home from patrol! So anyway! I signed up for MAY and am very pleased. 

 You can find out about the Cara Box here!

cara (car-rah) noun   :   beloved friend

I was matched up with two very lovely ladies! Roxanne over at Dude, it's Roxy and Elizabeth over at My cup of Sparkle. It was very nice to meet these ladies because they live actually close. Roxy is from Pennsylvania (like me), but lives in Orlando now and Elizabeth is from Maryland. This months theme was Regional, and I must admit it was kinda difficult! I am not from Virginia and the only things I could think of was salt water taffy (which I've never tried). I sent Roxy a box, which I didn't get pictures of so I stole one from off her page! Since she already posted I will share the picture! (Go check out her post!) Shes very sweet! 
I then got a box from Elizabeth, what she sent was very sweet and she did a very wonderful job with matching the theme! 
The mugs were my favorite! She had one mug (her home, Maryland) and then to mine. She made it the WHOLE United States, since I am a Military Wife she wrote a note saying that every time I move somewhere just add a heart to the map. And I thought that, that was very thoughtful! I will always have a piece of her home with us. The strawberry is a reusable baggy, apparently in Maryland there is a bag tax! I never knew that! But now I do! The frame is so sweet, and has made a home on our book case. And lastly, the seasoning, she said that Maryland is basically famous for their seafood (which I am not a big fan off) so she sent me something I could use for a lot of things. I also LOVE the box she sent it in! I am currently using it to hold all the bows I am making! Its my favorite color and who doesn't love an adorable box like that!

I was very pleased with this experience and signed up for next month! I wish I could do it every month but after June I will have to stop, since I will be having a very very busy summer! So be prepared for a lot of post and a lot of time off too! Hope you're all enjoying your Memorial Weekend! And don't forget to thank all military service members! I will be treating my hubby to some red white and blue french toast this morning after his 24 hr duty!


  1. That is fantastic! Those mugs are awesome!

  2. YES! I sent Old Bay in my Cara Box too...I think all the Marylanders did. That stuff is serious business here!

  3. My hubs just introduced me to Old bay seasoning! It is now one of my favorites!

  4. I was just about to comment about MD and how I was given Old Bay. And then I see Bekah beat me to it. Love the box your gifts came in.

  5. aww that mug idea is so sweet! (:

  6. thank you ladies for the comments, my partner has the tutorial for the mugs if you wanna click on her page! :)