Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Hope Everyone has enjoyed their week!
My week has been boring, relaxing and just preparing for my husband's patrol (deployment).
We had a memorial day BBQ on saturday with a few friends, went to the pool and just relaxed! HERE are some of the pictures from the week!

Also, if anyone can help me with the friend count thing that would be great!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Target Tuesday!!

I missed last Tuesday, I have so much going on! I am trying to start a bow business. If you follow me on pinterest or on instagram you will see some of the bows I am making. I also have been going to the doctor a lot. Everything is okay, but just check ups! Anyway, I have been obsessed with baskets lately! And actually bought two recently (would have bought more but the hubby stopped me). 
Here are my favorite ones from Target:

one - two - three - four - five

I am in love with baskets! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I actually own basket number one! Its soo cute! These baskets are perfect for blankets, baby toys, paper work, etc! I mean who doesn't love being trying to be organized. Especially the women who have children, this is a way to give your house a little organization but along with something that's not an ugly plastic purple color!

I plan on getting another basket (number one) for my friends baby shower and just add blankets, and onesies, and write the baby's name on the chalkboard. And instead of just throwing the normal bag or basket away from the gift, this basket can grow with the child and with the family. Later it can be used to hold toys.

Maybe you will think about getting yourself a basket!?
Spring Summer cleaning will be in full effect once my hubby leaves!

Enjoy Your Tuesday Everyone!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cara Box Reveal {My First Ever!}

I have been following Kaitlyn at Wifessionals for awhile now. I noticed the Cara Box on her blog in March and wanted to sign up right away! But my husband and I were planning our trip for our one year anniversary to Disney in April and I thought it wouldn't be fair to whoever I was emailing, being distracted and occupied since my husband also had recently came home from patrol! So anyway! I signed up for MAY and am very pleased. 

 You can find out about the Cara Box here!

cara (car-rah) noun   :   beloved friend

I was matched up with two very lovely ladies! Roxanne over at Dude, it's Roxy and Elizabeth over at My cup of Sparkle. It was very nice to meet these ladies because they live actually close. Roxy is from Pennsylvania (like me), but lives in Orlando now and Elizabeth is from Maryland. This months theme was Regional, and I must admit it was kinda difficult! I am not from Virginia and the only things I could think of was salt water taffy (which I've never tried). I sent Roxy a box, which I didn't get pictures of so I stole one from off her page! Since she already posted I will share the picture! (Go check out her post!) Shes very sweet! 
I then got a box from Elizabeth, what she sent was very sweet and she did a very wonderful job with matching the theme! 
The mugs were my favorite! She had one mug (her home, Maryland) and then to mine. She made it the WHOLE United States, since I am a Military Wife she wrote a note saying that every time I move somewhere just add a heart to the map. And I thought that, that was very thoughtful! I will always have a piece of her home with us. The strawberry is a reusable baggy, apparently in Maryland there is a bag tax! I never knew that! But now I do! The frame is so sweet, and has made a home on our book case. And lastly, the seasoning, she said that Maryland is basically famous for their seafood (which I am not a big fan off) so she sent me something I could use for a lot of things. I also LOVE the box she sent it in! I am currently using it to hold all the bows I am making! Its my favorite color and who doesn't love an adorable box like that!

I was very pleased with this experience and signed up for next month! I wish I could do it every month but after June I will have to stop, since I will be having a very very busy summer! So be prepared for a lot of post and a lot of time off too! Hope you're all enjoying your Memorial Weekend! And don't forget to thank all military service members! I will be treating my hubby to some red white and blue french toast this morning after his 24 hr duty!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Starting a bow business!

So recently, I have had a hard time finding a job at our current station, it is so hard to find something that works with my husband's schedule. I decided I wanted to start my own "business." I will be selling bows with clips and on elastic head bands (for now), and also little men bow ties! 
 I probably won't officially open my business until JUNE. I want to make sure I have a few bows made in stock and a few customers lined up. I will be getting more fabric, and I have few other bows made that are not pictured in this! If you are interested let me know! 

I am so excited and I can't wait!
I hope it works out for me, wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Target Tuesday!!

I decided that I need to post something that will keep my followers and more followers coming back to my blog. And since, everyone and there mother is ADDICTED to Target (along with myself). I decided to post my favorite things from Target every Tuesday! Well since summer is right around the corner for most of us, it's "snowing" in Pennsylvania where my parents live apparently, I decided to do my favorite Target bathing suits!

one - two - three - four - five

I chose these bathing suits as my favorite because I wanted to choose a bathing suit of each type.
 The first one is the only one that doesn't have purple in it (actually I don't really like the color purple but I love these bathing suits). I chose this one because the bottom band looks thicker than the normal halter bathing suits. 
The second one I am absolutely in LOVE with! I wanted to buy it but my Target doesn't sell it in store. I love that its like a bandeau but the straps are tank top style. Which means support!! Especially for the girls who are fuller in the chest! 
The third one I chose because it's very funky! Actually I had 4 or 5 bandeau tops I liked and couldn't choose which one I liked and asked my husband. This is the one he chose. 
The fourth one I choose because there are some girls out there that like to cover up more without wearing a one piece. I mean it's a lot easier to take off if you need to use the restroom! I like that it has the knot in the top it gives it more style without looking "Old Lady."
The fifth one I actually really like, I don't know the last time that I wore a one piece but I would totally rock this one! I love the flowers in it and the colors. I also really love the one strap!

All these bathing suits are very affordable, compared to bathing suits are Victoria Secrets. I have nothing against VS, I just can't justify buying a bathing suit for $60+! I am a huge fan of bandeau type bathing suits! They are the only type of bathing suits that completely cover me up. I feel that when I wear the Triangle type bathing suit I am popping out all over the place. Until recently, I found the perfect halter bathing suit from Marshall's. 

Which one is your favorite style??

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Fear of Change...

Today, I wanted to bring up something I have been debating to do for a long time. For about the past year or less I have been wanting to dye my hair brown (again). But for the last two and a half years I have had blonde hair, every single picture that my husband and I are in together I have blonde hair. This is making me fear change, since all of the pictures we have together are with blonde hair it makes me feel like I should keep blonde hair, I like my blonde hair but it is so much to up keep and it's kinda ruining my hair by dying it so often. So, I have come back to this topic as for if I should dye my hair brown again or not..

These would be the colors I would choose between!!
here are a two pictures of me with blonde hair and brown hair..
 I don't even look like the same person...besides the fact the age difference!
Being 22 in the blonde hair picture and 18 in the brown hair!

I'm not sure if the fact is that I've had my hair blonde for so long is keeping me from dying my hair brown or even cutting it, but I need to decide before i have to dye my roots again.. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What She Wore: Date Night {Link Up}

Kinda a day late, but I was meaning to post this yesterday! 
You can find the post over on Meagan's blog, every Tuesday join her and four other ladies and they link up what SHE wore. This edition is date night! So I decided to jump in on it! 

Here's what I wore: 
(Sorry it's not good quality)
dress- forever 21 last year, similar (here); shoes- charlotte ruse not sold online, similar (here); cardigan- american eagle years ago, similar (here)
I've been waiting to wear this dress since last year! I bought this dress right before I moved down to Virginia, and it was soo hot to wear it! Its been starting to have nice weather here lately (minus the rain), so I wore it! We had a date night at home last night since we are trying to save our money! Safe Haven dvd was release yesterday and I ran to the store and purchased it, came home and watched it! I love the movie, and my husband...well he must love me if he has seen almost all of Nicholas Sparks movies! Can't wait until it starts warming up so we can have date night at the beach!

Hope you all enjoyed your day and are having a good one today!

Monday, May 6, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding

This past weekend my best friend back home got married! She just had her ceremony and the reception is on JUNE 8TH! Don't ask, we don't do things traditionally apparently! HA! So, my husband and I drove up and spent the first night with my parents. The wedding was Friday at 2 pm. I spent the whole morning doing the bride to be's hair and makeup, the flower girls hair and then continued to get myself ready! The wedding was very sweet and to the point. 
Here are a few pictures from the day!
(Oh and I was also the [amateur] photographer for their wedding pics)

Oh and I forgot to mention, I was also her Matron of Honor.
 It was a beautiful day, and I am so happy for her! I can't believe she is now Mrs. Jessica Gonzalez!

Can't wait for her reception! I have to give a speech, oh jeeze! I hate public speaking! So if any of you gals have any ideas on speeches should give me a few tips!

Hope every one enjoyed their weekend! 
It was good seeing everyone again. Saturday we spent the day with Conner's family. We haven't been all together since Christmas, and we won't be all together again until September! 

Happy Monday!