Monday, February 25, 2013

Easter Decorations

Easter is March 31st this year!!
If you knew me personally, you'd think I hoarded decorations. This is my husbands and I first year married and living together in our own home. We have no decorations what so ever, so I have to go out and get decorations. And thanks to pinterest I have a few ideas!!

I have two Easter baskets that are both camo, for my husband and I. I also picked up the letters at the bottom to attach to the baskets from target for $1.50each. Also from Target I purchased; egg cups for $1 each, a kitchen towel and oven mit for $3, a set of four fabric napkins for $6, and an egg banner for $5. I also went to Walmart and bought window clings, and went to the dollar tree for a Easter magnet for the fridge! My mom is sending me some other stuff and I am waiting for some the the stuff to go one sale! I LOVE decorating for holidays! Absolutely obsessed! I decorated for Valentine's day a whole month in advance, well also since my hubby was leaving for patrol/deployment. I have a few St. Patty's day decor I picked up here and there and am trying to wait til March 1st to decorate. 

This month I am so excited! My birthday is March 5th, I am turning twenty-two. Although my husband will not be here with me and I will probably be sitting myself eating cake. 

If anyone has any idea for Easter Decor let me know!! Any DIY ideas please leave a comment below! 

-Alison <3

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Redecorating Our Master Bedroom

Since the hubby and I have been married, our bedroom was all the stuff from my room back at my parents house. So, I wanted to make a room that is OURS! This is a little sneak peek at the redecorating! Hopefully it will be done soon! And I can't wait for my hubby to get back from patrol to see it! Enjoy your weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Since my husband is deployed/on patrol, my friend (whose husband is deployed too) and I had our own day of fun! First, we went to Panera for lunch and relaxed and talked for an hour! Then we had an hour to wait for the movie, so we ventured into Target and shopped a little, looking at how empty the Valentine's day isles are! Next, we finally went to the movie. But before the movie I got a surprised phone call from the hubby while underway, it was only five minutes but it was so sweet to finally hear his voice and it made me miss him so much more. I wish he was here to celebrated LOVE day with me and see Safe Haven!!
Well, the movie was great. There were a few things that I wish had stayed the same as the book, but I understand that they can not compress a book with like 34 chapters into two hours! That's just crazy! Anyway, read the book before you see the movie.. seriously. There was a women that obviously did not read the book and when something was revealed all you heard was, "OMG" and "No Way!" Read the book, go ahead. Get off the computer, run to Barnes and Nobles or any book store and get the book and read it! Now!! :)

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's day! Make sure to brush your teeth after all that chocolate!! I know I will be brushing mine like six times tonight before I go to bed!

-Love, Alison

Monday, February 11, 2013

Self Portrait Challenge with the Paper Mama

So the Paper Mama is doing a giveaway! A self Portrait Challenge.
And as you can see, I don't take many pictures of myself alone, majority of them are with my husband! So I found a picture of myself from when we went pumpkin picking for his birthday this year before he left on our second patrol/deployment.
Here's the picture:

Obsessing over...
     This phone interview for Davids Bridal and how it will affect the time I get to talk/email with my husband while he's deployed and if it will affect the time I get to spend with him when he comes home again!

Working on....
     Redecorating our Master bedroom before the hubby comes back from patrol/deployment, and trying to organize our house better!

Thinking about....
     The phone interview that I'm trying to prepare for @ 2pm today and also thinking about how I wish my husband was going to be home for my birthday this year..

    Two things I'm anticpating.. 1) the safe haven movie release on valentine's day!! and 2) my husbands homecoming after being gone for about two months!! <3

Listening to....
    Nothing right now, except the rain coming down outside.

    I wish I could decide what to eat because I'm starving! :/

     Like I said ^^ up there, I wish my husband was going to be home for my birthday this year! </3

Go check her out!! Enjoy this lovely Monday!<3