Monday, February 11, 2013

Self Portrait Challenge with the Paper Mama

So the Paper Mama is doing a giveaway! A self Portrait Challenge.
And as you can see, I don't take many pictures of myself alone, majority of them are with my husband! So I found a picture of myself from when we went pumpkin picking for his birthday this year before he left on our second patrol/deployment.
Here's the picture:

Obsessing over...
     This phone interview for Davids Bridal and how it will affect the time I get to talk/email with my husband while he's deployed and if it will affect the time I get to spend with him when he comes home again!

Working on....
     Redecorating our Master bedroom before the hubby comes back from patrol/deployment, and trying to organize our house better!

Thinking about....
     The phone interview that I'm trying to prepare for @ 2pm today and also thinking about how I wish my husband was going to be home for my birthday this year..

    Two things I'm anticpating.. 1) the safe haven movie release on valentine's day!! and 2) my husbands homecoming after being gone for about two months!! <3

Listening to....
    Nothing right now, except the rain coming down outside.

    I wish I could decide what to eat because I'm starving! :/

     Like I said ^^ up there, I wish my husband was going to be home for my birthday this year! </3

Go check her out!! Enjoy this lovely Monday!<3


  1. Aww, I could never be without my man all the time!! I'm so needy!! you go girl!!

  2. awe thankyou! it is tough for him to be gone for two months! :( but i love having him back!! :)

  3. Cute photo! Those that have their husbands in military are amazingly strong. I don't think I could ever do it. Enjoy the time he's got when he gets home hopefully he is home long enough.

  4. awe thank you! i know its rough but its worth it!! :)

  5. very cute picture!