Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saving MOO-Lah!

Like any other wife, I try to save money any where I can. While my husband is away, I am going to redo our bedroom and I need new pictures and art to hang up behind our bed. I am going to do doing my own paintings...not sure what I am going to paint yet, and other art work such as the ones I find on Pinterest. Like this:
Which can be purchased here for $35.

But instead I decided to save the money and put it away for our "real" wedding in 2014!
What I did was opened my Microsoft Word and created four different letters in different colors and the size '400'. I then created lines and inserted our names in a text box in the O. Then I added the EST. and the date! If you would like to make one and need more help, please let me know!
Now I am going to buy a white frame instead from of black the dollar store and maybe run over to Michaels to grab white card stock instead of the beige I already have. The total cost will be at most $2-$3!

Here is my finished product:
Hope You Enjoy! <3


  1. thankyou! i know me too! its better than spending money!