Saturday, January 26, 2013

A day at the Aquarium:

Happy Morning Everyone! 
My hubby is leaving soon to go out on another patrol and the last couple of days we have been trying to plan/spend a lot of time with each other. One day we decided we could go to the Aquarium that we have been wanting to go to so much! We asked our friends Mr. & Mrs. Warren to come with. Although it was very expensive we decided to splurge!
The aquarium had two buildings, the ocean one and the 'fresh' water one. The had a nature trail, IMAX movies about the whales&dolphins, the sharks and even exploring the underwater world! 
But my favorite my part of the whole aquarium was being able to pet the sting rays! It was something that I have never done before this visit!

I would highly suggest visiting the aquarium if you ever come to Virginia, or definitely if you have children! It was a day that we just spent together sharing every last moment we have with each other before he leaves!


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