Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Decor!

 Today I decorated our house, yes its about a month in advance but I already had fall decor on the inside of the house! But I still have more to do! I put spider webs on our bushes and caution tape and ghost in our window. I also have orange light around the door and the small pumpkin has a "W" on it. I also have a welcome sign that wont stay up that's a pumpkin. We're getting pumpkins this weekend when we go home so were going to decorate them! 
This is me getting ready for the lights and the caution tape!

And this is the little decor I have on the inside of our house! a Pumpkin candle that I picked up from Michael's and the set of three pumpkins from Kirkland's, the two dish towels (and now I have a pot holder that's fall) from Wal*Mart, and then in the shelf the pumpkins around the sailboat lights are from my friend Jill and the little pumpkin is from Garden Ridge!

Trying to get into the spirit before my hubby goes underway. That way he can experience the "fall" with me and then come back and experience the rest/beginning of Christmas Time with me! <3

Happy Birthday Baby!

  So, my husband turns NINETEEN, yes he's that young, on Sunday. But since we are going home for the weekend I decided that I would give him his presents early so he has some time to play them! Well for starters I have been hiding this present for about a week and a half! And let me tell you I have been dying to give it to him! So the basket is 19 items since it will be his 19th birthday. Then as his big present I bought him a PS3 which he has been dying to get forever. And with that I gave him two video games; skyrim and borderlands 2. Also two shirts from hollister. Let's just say he is so beyond happy right now. He's playing the game and being distracted! He wants to get an extra controller for me to play with him. He's so cute! Can't believe he's going to be nineteen years old!! He's getting so old. Next year he'll no longer be a teenager! WOW! :) Can't wait till his 21st! :P

The basket from michael's with the stickers saying it's my party & candles includes:
  1. The PlayStation Magazine
  2. A Bluray Movie
  3. Angry Birds Underwear
  4. A movie theater gift card
  5. Games of thrones book
  6. Christmas Picture Frame
  7. A package of socks
  8. Jolly Rancher Gummies
  9. Fruit Ninja Gummies
  10. Sour Watermelon Gummies
  11. Popcorn
  12. Vitamin Water XXX
  13. Vitamin Water Power-C
  14. Butterfingers
  15. Musketeer Bar
  16. Nutella
  17. Slim Jim's
  18. Axe Body Spray
  19. Snickers Bar

And then this weekend we are going home to see our family and going to have some birthday time with his and my family. Pictures to come! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So, as you guys know I didn't move down right after my husband and I got married. Since he was away and on patrol for most of the summer, I came across pinterest and found a few objects that I wanted to create, mostly for our apartment. 

1. This is a "W" wreath, it is made out of a wooden letter and twine. I found similar ones like this on pinterest,  the first one is for our apartment, with the american flag ribbon and red white and blue "flowers" made out of buttons.

2. The second one, I made for my mother-in-law for her house. She is really into lighthouses so we went with that theme. It has hanging shells from the bottom, to make like a wind chime. 

3. This is our ottoman, it is made out of a 2$ salvo coffee table. Along with cushioning, paint, and zebra fabric. With the help of my dad, we sanded and spray painted it black. Added cushion and matting, and then the fabric to bring it all together. 

4. This is a book of all of the bridal shower cards that my husband and I received. Since we didn't have a wedding, I did this with the bridal shower instead. It is VERY easy to make. Also found on pinterest, you gather two pieces of cardboard (one for the front and the other for the back), then you decide which scrapbook paper you would like, hole punch each card in the top corner and the cover and back, bringing it all together with a ribbon. 

5. This picture frame is another pinterest project. It is made from a long picture frame, maps of NY, PA and VA. Since, my husband is from NY and I from PA this works out perfectly. In the middle is were we are stationed, our first station of course Virginia. There is a red heart in place of all the towns. And it is finished off by the words, "Love knows NO distance."

Sunday, September 16, 2012


So, recently I've been asked to post the things that have made my life so much easier having in our first apartment. There are a few things that have made life great and things that I think that one person can not live without in their apartment. 
First, if you are a newlywed and was not able to have that big huge wedding and was not able to have a bridal shower. Ask your mom or mother-in-law if it is possibly to have a tiny bridal shower with direct family. THIS WILL HELP YOU A BUNCH! 

1. Our couch set- Although it was not given to us completely. My god father gave a check which paid for more than half of the set. Having couches in an apartment is very important. It is the place were you sit and enjoy company and they are the beds if you do not have a spare room. We got our set from a store called "Big Lots." Costing us a grand total of $600 for the SET! Which is cheap.

2. Bathroom accessories- This is not an absolute essential and they do not need to be expensive. But since my mother and mother in law threw me a bridal shower, I was able to get my ENTIRE bathroom set, including towels, shower curtain, rugs, and pictures. My set was from Bed Bath & Beyond. Total- A LOT!

3. Pots and Pans-  Having these have made life absolutely so much easier. We have used these every single day. Must have. My set is easy to clean, non stick and Calphalon. Cost- $200

4. Washer & Dryer- BEST THINGS WE HAVE BOUGHT! We had been using our friends for a couple weeks, but finally bought our own. We bought matching top-loading washer and the dryer. We got ours from Lowes with our military discount costing us $1153.

5.Canisters- Holds sugar, flour, pasta, brown sugar, powder sugar, coffee beans, they are great space savers. This is one of the main things that we wanted from our registry. They leave all these items open to you, so you do not have to leave them in a closet, and can access them $20 at Bed Bath Beyond.

Another thing, at my bridal shower for our wishing well we were given cleaning supplies. The best decision that we did. We were given a vacuum, a swiffer wet-jet and TONS of cleaning supplies.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


As soon as I moved down to our station I didn't wanna completely get a job. So a friend of mine started showing me something called "Scentsy." It was basically a wick-less candle warmer. Today our holiday warmers have finally arrived. There are many halloween ones, and Christmas ones!
There are also holiday scents; pumpkin roll, trees of festivals, christmas cottage, etc!

These are plug in warmers, they are $20 a piece. Then you place the piece of the bar in the top on the warmer. It makes your house smell within seconds. If you are interested in buying one. Email me and I will give you the information! :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall 2012!

So today, my husband got home from duty at 10am. We went to Starbucks and I got the PUMPKIN SPICE FRAP! If you haven't tried it YOU ARE SO MISSING OUT!! One of the coastie wives got me addicted to it, and thankfully we have like 5 Starbucks within 20 minutes! After we went to the Greenbrier Mall. I got TEN holiday cards for ONE DOLLAR. I was like a kid in a candy store. 

I got this dress at Cotton On for 15$ except mine has sleeves! I can not wait to wear this, I am trying to get clothing that are more mature and grown up!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chad & Kristin's Wedding!

So about two months ago, I went to my cousins wedding (which actually happened on my 3rd month wedding anniversary) and it was so weird going to a wedding without my husband. My mother's side never actually met him yet, so they all call him my "mystery husband". But the wedding was beautiful. It was taken place in a small church and reception was in a glass house that was so cute and them! The centerpieces were apples and the name holders were trees! OH, and also the favor were basil, oregano..etc! I went with my mother & father, had a blast watching my mom dance holding a chair.. lol. The dress I wore, I bought was from Forever21. I'm trying this new look to look like a married women, so that people don't think I am 12 years old.

Bridal Shower

So a couple of weeks before we moved into our apartment, my mom and mother-in-law threw me a bridal shower. Which my husband and I are so thankful for! We received so many gifts, ranging from a microwave to pots and pans to our kitchen table to our kitchen set! The only things we needed to buy were our couches, coffee/end tables and our tv! So we are so thankful. We had the party on the day of race weekend, BAD IDEA! The traffic from New Jersey to my house was backed up for a few hours! Thankfully almost everyone arrived. We ate and played games and a few people won prizes. It was something i was glad we did since my husband and I got married in the courthouse.

Mini Golfing in VA Beach!

We went mini golfing with two couples; one that is Coast Guard and the other Navy. As a young married couple there are many things that we can do. Especially when my husband gets out of work at 1! 
We played 18 holes. I was the only one that got TWO...not ONE but TWO HOLE IN ONES. No one else got a hole in one. Although I apparently came in 4th, which we think was wrong! I was fun and HOT. Sweaty Mini Golf is what it was. It is something we will do again!

DIY: Halloween Wreath

Now, I know it is only September and Halloween is still more than a month away, BUT I have been waiting to make a wreath for the past MONTH. Although I made a wreath when we first moved in, it is just a letter "wreath." For halloween I plan to decorate the entire front of the apartment. Thankfully we have the down stairs apartment!
I am already deciding what to make for christmas gifts! 
Keep a lookout for those post!

Norfolk ZOO

So for Labor Day, Conner had the day off and we went and explored the Norfolk Zoo. It was pretty empty but it was very cute! We explored each trail as if we've never seen animals before. Looking at the tigers and giraffe and all the other animals. 
We ate lunch in the Cafe` and even went through the butterfly trail! After the zoo we went to the mall in Norfolk, had a bad experience with the parking. Someone tried to blame us for an accident that didn't even happen! Some people in this world!