Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So, as you guys know I didn't move down right after my husband and I got married. Since he was away and on patrol for most of the summer, I came across pinterest and found a few objects that I wanted to create, mostly for our apartment. 

1. This is a "W" wreath, it is made out of a wooden letter and twine. I found similar ones like this on pinterest,  the first one is for our apartment, with the american flag ribbon and red white and blue "flowers" made out of buttons.

2. The second one, I made for my mother-in-law for her house. She is really into lighthouses so we went with that theme. It has hanging shells from the bottom, to make like a wind chime. 

3. This is our ottoman, it is made out of a 2$ salvo coffee table. Along with cushioning, paint, and zebra fabric. With the help of my dad, we sanded and spray painted it black. Added cushion and matting, and then the fabric to bring it all together. 

4. This is a book of all of the bridal shower cards that my husband and I received. Since we didn't have a wedding, I did this with the bridal shower instead. It is VERY easy to make. Also found on pinterest, you gather two pieces of cardboard (one for the front and the other for the back), then you decide which scrapbook paper you would like, hole punch each card in the top corner and the cover and back, bringing it all together with a ribbon. 

5. This picture frame is another pinterest project. It is made from a long picture frame, maps of NY, PA and VA. Since, my husband is from NY and I from PA this works out perfectly. In the middle is were we are stationed, our first station of course Virginia. There is a red heart in place of all the towns. And it is finished off by the words, "Love knows NO distance."

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