Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Decor!

 Today I decorated our house, yes its about a month in advance but I already had fall decor on the inside of the house! But I still have more to do! I put spider webs on our bushes and caution tape and ghost in our window. I also have orange light around the door and the small pumpkin has a "W" on it. I also have a welcome sign that wont stay up that's a pumpkin. We're getting pumpkins this weekend when we go home so were going to decorate them! 
This is me getting ready for the lights and the caution tape!

And this is the little decor I have on the inside of our house! a Pumpkin candle that I picked up from Michael's and the set of three pumpkins from Kirkland's, the two dish towels (and now I have a pot holder that's fall) from Wal*Mart, and then in the shelf the pumpkins around the sailboat lights are from my friend Jill and the little pumpkin is from Garden Ridge!

Trying to get into the spirit before my hubby goes underway. That way he can experience the "fall" with me and then come back and experience the rest/beginning of Christmas Time with me! <3

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