Monday, October 1, 2012

Hubby's Birthday Weekend!

This weekend we went back home to celebrate Conner's birthday with our families. First we went to my parents house, who live in PA. My mom made Conner a cookie "cake" and I invited my best friend Jess and her boyfriend along with my parents and brothers to celebrate. I really miss being home, it's so different being so far away from your family. It was nice going back and celebrating Conner's birthday with my family. And also seeing my cat Sherly! (pictures above from Friday @ my parents house.)

 Next, we went to Conner's parents house and on Saturday morning we went to a pumpkin patch! It was so weird wearing boots and a sweater and being freezing cold! So used to the warm weather! But through the weather and all the pumpkin patch was really fun, we took pictures in the face cut outs, on the big chair and even went through the puny little haunted house that Conner's little brother did not want to go in! Then we took a hay ride up to the pumpkin patch and got to pick out our pumpkins for our apartment, which we still need to decorate! Conner's mom also bought us the best cinnamon apple donuts, AMAZING! And apple cider and my blueberry jam, which is also amazing. 

 Later we went back to Conner's grandma's house and had Thanksgiving dinner, since Conner and I won't be celebrating it with them. We ate turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce! It was nice having a Thanksgiving dinner with Walton's and the Mitchell's while we were home. Then after dinner we sang happy birthday for the second time and let the night settle down by seeing a few of Conner's friends and waiting til midnight to say Happy Birthday<3

After that, we ventured our way back home. Stopping at my parents house for a few hours and visiting one last time till November. It was a great weekend and wish we could do it again soon. But most likely won't with Conner going away. Til next time! :)

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