Friday, October 5, 2012

Christmas in September


Today, we meet up with one of the coastie wives and she look our christmas card photo's. Since Conner will be leaving soon, I needed to get pictures before he left since I will be sending out photos for christmas before he returns. But anyway, we went to this arboretum (which we will never ever go back because they are so rude!) and we took pictures with fake snow, a mistletoe, a christmas sign and even christmas lights! This is a sneak peek/ a preview for us and we won't be getting the rest for a few weeks. I hope its before Conner goes out at sea so he can look at them! I totally got our inspiration of photos from this couple, I just adore these photos! CAN'T WAIT TO SEND OUT CHRISTMAS CARDS AS OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS OF BEING MR.&MRS. WALTON!!!

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