Monday, October 22, 2012

My Obsession



Okay, so I kinda love Taylor Swift. And I own all of her cd's. My husband (boyfriend back then) got my the perfume for our one year anniversary. Waiting for it to be empty to buy her new perfume. For christmas last year I got Taylor's Speak Now blanket from my brother. And TODAY, I got her most recent album RED. And I am obsessed! I've been listening since I drove ALL THE WAY to Target just to get the deluxe edition! This year if/when Taylor has a tour I want to finally go to a concert, every time I try I never can. So this yea will be the year :)

 The drive down home is going to be fun, since I have SIX HOURS to learn the words <3


  1. lol you defiantly love Taylor swift :) I love her new song!!

  2. haha yes i do! i went out at like 10am to get her new cd lol. :)