Sunday, October 14, 2012

Christmas Card Photo's

 Christmas Photo's! 

So today we are going to get all of our christmas pictures! Here are a few of ours! I am so in love with these. I can't believe how christmas-y these look. It actually looks like it had snowed. Can't wait for the rest of them, and to choose which one(s) are going on our christmas card!

Thank so much to our Photographer! Sarah Street, if you ever need a photographer and are in the area use her! She is amazing and she's still new to photography! Amazing!


  1. These look great!! Do you have fake snow on you? Your making me want to start christmas shopping, I JUST got my fall photos taken lol!!

  2. thankyou!! and yes we did. it was 80 degrees out! i know, i'm sorry i want to xmas shop too! :)