Monday, January 28, 2013

It's that kind of Monday...

Well I hate saying goodbyes, see you later, talk to you....sometime? As a military wife I go through continuous hello and goodbyes. Every other two months I watch my husband leave and watch him come home. Today is one of those days of sadness where you don't know when you will hear his voice again, you have no idea where he is, and you WILL be sleeping alone tonight.
Our Last Picture Together For Awhile!!

So, since the hubs is going to be missing Valentines day, I sent him on the boat with a box filled with goodies! I sure hope he waits until Valentine's Day to open it!!
The box includes:
Cheez-its; the hubs favorite, sweet-tarts, sour patch kids, reeses pieces, m&m's, skittles, a box of chocolates, an owl cookie lollipop, red bull, lindor truffles, boot socks, and a message in the bottle. And of course a valentine's card. The box is decorated with scrapbook paper, coastie quotes and valentine stickers, along with some personal pictures from when we were in NYC. Hopefully he enjoys all the goodies inside!! <3

If your hubby or loved one is spending Valentine's day away from you here are a few ideas!
Fourteen Days of Valentine's 
Date in a Jar


  1. I'm a fellow military wife and new follower :) I decorate boxes I send my husband's so much fun! Yours are super cute :)

  2. Hello! This is my first box, me and a couple others wives did it for valentines day!! :) and thankyou!!