Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Since my husband is deployed/on patrol, my friend (whose husband is deployed too) and I had our own day of fun! First, we went to Panera for lunch and relaxed and talked for an hour! Then we had an hour to wait for the movie, so we ventured into Target and shopped a little, looking at how empty the Valentine's day isles are! Next, we finally went to the movie. But before the movie I got a surprised phone call from the hubby while underway, it was only five minutes but it was so sweet to finally hear his voice and it made me miss him so much more. I wish he was here to celebrated LOVE day with me and see Safe Haven!!
Well, the movie was great. There were a few things that I wish had stayed the same as the book, but I understand that they can not compress a book with like 34 chapters into two hours! That's just crazy! Anyway, read the book before you see the movie.. seriously. There was a women that obviously did not read the book and when something was revealed all you heard was, "OMG" and "No Way!" Read the book, go ahead. Get off the computer, run to Barnes and Nobles or any book store and get the book and read it! Now!! :)

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's day! Make sure to brush your teeth after all that chocolate!! I know I will be brushing mine like six times tonight before I go to bed!

-Love, Alison