Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Target Tuesday!!

I missed last Tuesday, I have so much going on! I am trying to start a bow business. If you follow me on pinterest or on instagram you will see some of the bows I am making. I also have been going to the doctor a lot. Everything is okay, but just check ups! Anyway, I have been obsessed with baskets lately! And actually bought two recently (would have bought more but the hubby stopped me). 
Here are my favorite ones from Target:

one - two - three - four - five

I am in love with baskets! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I actually own basket number one! Its soo cute! These baskets are perfect for blankets, baby toys, paper work, etc! I mean who doesn't love being trying to be organized. Especially the women who have children, this is a way to give your house a little organization but along with something that's not an ugly plastic purple color!

I plan on getting another basket (number one) for my friends baby shower and just add blankets, and onesies, and write the baby's name on the chalkboard. And instead of just throwing the normal bag or basket away from the gift, this basket can grow with the child and with the family. Later it can be used to hold toys.

Maybe you will think about getting yourself a basket!?
Spring Summer cleaning will be in full effect once my hubby leaves!

Enjoy Your Tuesday Everyone!

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