Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My first Influenster VOX BOX!

I joined influenster back in April of this year, where I answered surveys and questions about products and wrote reviews about the ones I had already used! I was contacted the end of May to take a survey for the Spring Fling VoxBox, but then was qualified for the something blue voxbox! I later found out that it was for people who were attending weddings this summer. And, as you may know I have already attended one and have another this September! I was so excited, I mean who doesn't love getting free stuff in the mail! 
This is what I got:
Something Blue Vox Box

It contains:

1) Luster NOW! Instant Whitening toothpaste
2) Dr. Scholls for her ball of foot
3) Ever E-Z Eye lashes (2)
4) Precision Q-Tips (2)
5) Critical Care Aspirin to-go

I have only tried two of the products so far.
The toothpaste (which I absolutely LOVE), it has a minty flavor unlike the other whitening tooth paste that I have tried, and you can see a difference in the first brush. And also I have tried the Q-Tips, which I think would be really good if your using liquid eye liner for the upper top on your lid to get in there without smudging, but as for anything else I think a normal Q-Tip would work just as well. I am saving the Eye Lashes for either the bridal shower or my husband's homecoming (you can find the review when I use them). Also, waiting to use the Dr. Scholl's for the wedding day! My feet are going to hurt wearing boots all day in September! Lastly, the aspirin I will let my husband use because I don't really use aspirin much!!

If you ever get a chance go sign up!
 It is so simple and I mean FREE STUFF!!
Come on, get up and go do it! 

The products were sent to me for testing propose by Influenster. 

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!!

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