Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Target Tuesday!!

We all know that Father's Day is June 16th this year! Or at least we all have an idea of when it is! I've come up with a few of the cute gifts that Target has for father's this year. Whether your the "father" is a new daddy, a "tool" guy, a groomer (aka the military man), a business man, or the outdoorsy guy, you can find that special gift for your man at Target! 

one - two - three - four - five

Simple little gifts that let the "father" know you're thinking of them. The perfect little diaper bag that you can pack with wipes, diapers and anything the new daddy to be may need! A little gift set for the business man in your life! New ties, a bag and accessories for work! A little case that contains the right tools that will help your guy fix any problem you have! Great gift that is also for you! ;) Another gift that can be used for your guy that loves the out doors, or especially fishing! And lastly, a perfect gift for the guy that loves having a clean shave, or for you military wives that have hubby's who HAVE to have a clean shave all the time! 

Whether you have a strict budget for fathers day or a very generous one, you can find a perfect gift to match your perfect guy from Target. And no, these post are not sponsored by Target. 

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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