Saturday, April 13, 2013


So my husband decided about ten days ago that we were going to DISNEY WORLD for our ONE year wedding anniversary/ honeymoon! Well so for about ten days we have searched for the best deals on tickets and flights/hotels! We found a few deals! If you are military PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to the MWR office for the Disney tickets. My husband got a free 3-day pass to Universal!! We saved at least $500 on tickets!!

7 days and 6 nights! I can not truly contain my excitement to go! I have not gone to Disney since I was FIVE years old! I have never flown, so I am ever more super nervous! I can't wait to post pictures and tell you all about the trip!! 
Count down = One week!

As, for my week, here is it in review!
It has been so beautiful here lately! In the 90's some days (I can only imagine what it'll be like in Florida!) One night we spent it on our patio, with our tiki torches and the solar lights... just enjoying the warm weather. Then on Wednesday, the hubs had a few of his friends over for a BBQ and a little fun on the slip and slide. On Thursday, we went shopping for a FEW things for our trip! I recieved this necklace Thursday night from my cousin! HOW CUTE!! And Friday (yes, yesterday), we bought our tickets for Disney, booked a flight and a hotel! Now for the next week we will be not spending any money! Except for tonight, were going to a baseball game in Norfolk. (only $20 for the two of us). Its been a hectic week, and now my hubby starts his vacation and leave. 
Hope everyone had a good week!! 

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