Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Surprise Trip Home!

This weekend the Hubby and I decided that it would be a great idea to drive back home and surprise our parents! We were supposed to go home for his grandma's Easter Party but we found out that the hubs had duty and we cancelled our plans. But, later the duty days got switched and we were able to come back home! We just forgot to mention it to our families. :D

After 6 and a half long hours of driving we were finally at my parents house. I told my mom earlier that day that we were driving to a friends house to get my oil change done. I told her I would call her when we got home. I called around 5pm, but she had fallen asleep. So we got to my house at about 8pm, I drove up with no lights on and called my mom while I was in the car. As we were walking out of the car and up the steps, I was asking her what she was doing and she asked the same. When I didn't respond she was like "hello, hello" and I popped around the corner and was like, "HELLO." She was so surprised!!
The next day we surprised his family by just walking into the Easter party! Every one was so happy and shocked that we were there! I am pretty sure his mom cried! I didn't get much pictures from the party but it sure was a blast! 
It was good being back home, since we haven't been there since Christmas! I got to see my animals, and my cat shirley. But now that we are back to Virignia, its so nice to be here with the 78 degree weather! Can't complain!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!
We might be going to Disney World 
for our one year wedding anniversary!!
I can't wait!!