Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Disney World & Universal Trip!!

I've been MIA for the past seven days because my husband and I have been in Orlando Florida!! Where we celebrated our first year of marriage at Disney World and Universal Resorts! It was so much fun! So much fun that we didn't want to leave!! Here is our trip in pictures.

Here are a few pictures of our trip!
Monday we spend the day at Island's of Adventure...Harry Potter World! I have been waiting to go forever! Tuesday, we went to Animal Kingdom in the morning and at night we went to Epcot! It was extremely fun to walk around and see all the cool "countries" and attractions. Wednesday, we went to Universal Studios! My husband went on Fear Factor Live and actually won the whole thing! It was pretty exciting to watch it all! Thursday, we spend the day at Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney at night! It was so different being adult and actually visiting! Since the last time I was only 5 years old! It was so different! But I think I liked the fact that I am actually able to remember everything now. And for our last day we spent it at Hollywood Studios. It was actually quite cool to see all the movie rides and meet "Minnie Mouse!" Saturday we flew home, it was very sad to leave! We went from 95 degree weather to 65! Ugh!! We are already wanting to go back, but not for a while! 

If you plan on going, I suggest PLEASE PLAN A LOT IN ADVANCE. My husband and I planned our whole trip in NINE days! HA! Yeah that was a mistake, but being military we got some good deals on tickets. So if you are military make sure to check out your MWR office. 

Hope everyone had a great week!!
 This weekend coming up we are going home for my bestfriends wedding. 
Pictures to come!!

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