Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The In Laws Visit

Last week my mother in law, father in law and brother in law came down from New York to watch Conner's boat pull in the second time. They got here Thursday and left Monday morning. We had a fun time with them here! Friday we went to a Hibachi place in Virginia Beach, which ended up being a Chinese buffet too! (Even though I can't eat Chinese food.) Then we showed them the Mac Arthur Center (mall) in Norfolk. Walked around for a while and then went home. Conner had duty on Friday so he gave all of us an hour tour of the boat. His parent's loved it. 

My husband says I look Amish
Hansdsome Husband telling us about the boat.

The Bridge of the boat where they steer and drive!
After touring the boat, we had to leave my husband and I took them to the Coast Guard Exchange near my house. Looked around and showed them how big it was. Went home and beat his dad and brother in crazy eight's! Woke up to the hubby coming home, and left for Williamsburg. 

We started in colonial Williamsburg, walking the streets and seeing the cobble stone road, old houses, and horse and carriage buggy's. They also had a "band" marching down the road. It was very cool to see all the old buildings and the people dressed up in old clothing. Later we went to downtown, had pizza and walked the shops! We went home with three candy caramel apples. 

 It was nice having family down for a visit and here for the holiday! 

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
-Alison <3

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