Friday, April 19, 2013

What A Week!

So much has happened since I last posted. There has been nothing really for me to post. Since our Disney trip, my husband and I are really trying NOT to spend money, but its not going THAT well. Anyway, our week started off terrible! 
My husband's AND my car bother got broken into. Along with another car in our community and another one the following night. We don't know how they got in but luckily nothing was taken, I mean there was nothing for them to take. I thankfully had taken my GPS inside that night!! The police and forensics came to take fingerprints. But there was way too much pollen on the cars! It is a terrible feeling to live in a gated community and feel like you're no longer safe. 

Monday the hubby and I brought new suite cases for our trip! 
(See no spending money) ha!

Then the Tragedy from the Boston Marathon and the Devastation from the fire/explosion of West Texas happens. Its been a sad week for America. All we can do is pray for the families and survivors. And pray that they catch the second suspect. 

This makes me all even more nervous to fly on a plane, it being my first time and all. Our plane is flying up to DC from Norfolk and were stuck there for two hours!!! I am so nervous! I just can't wait to be done with the flying. And hopefully safe in Florida. 

I hope that everyone is staying safe out there! My father in law is a Chief Of Police for his town and said stay away from trash cans or large groups of people. And I thought I was going to the happiest place on EARTH!! 

Hope everyone had a good week!!

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