Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baby Boy Baby Shower

So after yesterdays post I decided to do a baby boy baby shower gift idea post. 
I found these ideas off of pinterest, which lead me to a web page that was the top 50 etsy shops for babies! I went through them and came up with a few gift ideas. These are items that I would give my friend, this is personal items I know she would like. These items may not be for everyone.  
Here ya go!

one - two - three - four - four - five - six

1. Natural Organic Treated Wooden Teething Ring: I came across this item through the website and thing its perfect for the time of the year since it looks like bunny ears. This is a teething ring that is all natural. 
2. The Classic Collection Bow Tie: Cutest for your little man, they can make any onesie or shirt classy! It would be cute to have your baby wearing one of these to distinguish that he is indeed a he!
3. Shopping Cart Cover: I have seen these a lot, and am absolutely in love with them. They allow your baby to be comfortable when they are able to sit in the top part of the shopping cart. Although you may not need one of these until your baby is a little grown up, having someone buy it for you even better!
4. Chevron Burp Clothes: Burp clothes are a necessity for any mommy and daddy. I think my friend would thank me if she got these in her gift. And these ones are extremely absorbent! 
5. Security Blanket: Keeping with the chevron theme, this blanket is soft and adorable. New mommies are going to need every blanket they get especially if their baby spits up a lot. Doing laundry is going to be harder than usual. And having a new blanket isn't bad!
6. Pee Pee TeePee: (I lost the etsy site for the picture shown.) These are adorable, and I would rather place one of these over a baby boy rather than get peed on!! Not only are they practical they are a hilarious gift to give any new parent. 

I really believe that she is going to have a little boy, but her and her fiance think its going to be a girl. The only reasons I think it's going to be a boy is because she has one older brother and he is one of four boys! And all though girls tend to skip a generation, I still think its a boy!! 
Hope you enjoyed!

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