Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daddy-To-Be Gift!

Normally when you go to a baby shower it's all about the mommy and the baby! But I mean there would be no baby without the DADDY! So why not make him feel appreciated during the day too! I came up with a few things other than the essential stuff (diaper, paci's, wipes, etc) that I absolutely think would be super cute if a daddy had. 
Here's the list:
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1. The Night before Father's Day Book: I think that Father's day tends to fall in the back ground. This book brings it to the front again. Gets the kids excited to celebrate what a great dad they have, also will get this DADDY TO BE excited about the things to come. 
2. Daddy Coffee Cup: For all those nights that leave the dad drained, this coffee cup will remind him how much he is loved and thought of. And not only will the coffee cheer him up but so will the cup!
3. Dude Diaper Bag: One of my favorites and something I plan on getting my husband when we have kids. This can be the "packaging" of the rest of the items you get the daddy. It is manly enough for any man, this way they don't need to be caught carrying you coach diaper bag, or your metallic gray, or the one with the cute pink flowers! :D
4. Embroidery for a Onesie: Cute way of making the man feel like he's the "man!" haha! No, but really, I usually see the shirts that say, "I'm cute, Mommy's Cute, Daddys lucky." And I like this one so much more, to make the daddy to be feel appreciated.
5. Dad Rattle Ties: Recently found these, they seem pretty awesome. If he is always wearing ties then this is for him! It has a rattle/squeaker in it, the perfect way to keep a baby busy without tearing the tie off the daddy's neck!
6. Daddy bear and Little bear T's: Mommy's and baby's normally having matching outfits, but how cute are these for the daddy and baby! I bet it even works with a baby girl too! 

You could also add wipes, diapers, pacifiers, coffee (to fill the coffee cup), chocolates, beef jerky, axe body sprays, advil and anything that the daddy may love!
Hope you Enjoyed!
-Alison <3


  1. What a great idea! I have been seeing more and more these days about stuff for dads and I think it's great! They are always so left out. lol. Newest follower btw and fellow military wife! Looking forward to getting to know you!

    1. I know right?! And, not like my husband and I are having kids anytime soon, but my bestfriend is lol. And thankyou!! Same to you! :D

  2. Lol I tried to get adam his own diaper bag but he wasn't going for it haha!!

    1. oh no really?? i think that it would be better than having to use a girly one lol.