Thursday, March 7, 2013

Birthday Recap..

What did I do for my 22nd Birthday?
 Nothing special!! To start my morning I called my Mom, and ended up hearing the doorbell at 930 in the morning and was so worried about who it was! I got a flower cake delivered from my parents! Super sweet of them! Since this is my first year away from home for my birthday (which is also my brothers birthday)! 
 Secondly, my husband who is deployed right now, got a surprise phone call for me to say Happy Birthday. I had the biggest smile on my face all morning!! Then I went and got a spa pedicure treatment! Which was totally awesome! I haven't had a pedicure in about a year. Although I was all alone it was nice and relaxing. 
 Later I went to pick up a box of twelve chocolate covered strawberries and a balloon that my husband sent for me. They are absolutely yummy, and it was so sweet of my husband to think of sending me something. 

 Did a little shopping at the usual place; Target, picked up some head bands at Claire's and got my free PASSION TEA LEMONADE from starbucks!! 
 The rest of the day I rested at home and waited for two other MilSo's to go to Olive Garden for dinner. This is where the day turned.. we had the worst waitress ever, and I never sent up with cheaper people. I mean I understand everyone has money problems but you should of told me. After that I stayed home, ate some chocolate covered strawberries and went to bed! Doesn't that sound fun? I wish I had closer friends here, but its so hard to find friends that fit like the ones you had back at home. Friends that just bond with you the first time you meet them. My husband says one day I'll find that. But I hope so! 

Anyway! I had a fun birthday but I can not wait for my husband to come home so we can celebrate together, since this is the second year he's been gone. We're thinking about going to The Melting Pot!! Until then, I will be counting down the days until he is home! And will continue to decorate for Easter, pictures to come!

Love, Alison <3


  1. Hey Alison! Found you recently. Glad you had a good birthday but I know it would be better if your hubby was home..Thinking about you during this time! Newest follower also. Decided to have some fun with all of this..

    I nominated/gave you the Liebster award! Here are the rules:

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  2. Oh man! I just turned 22 as well and my husband is away in Italy...its such a bummer being separated! Praying for you and that time goes by quickly! But the Melting Pot does sound AMAZING! :)

  3. Oh thank you!! And happy belated birthday! I hope the time for you goes quickly if he is coming home soon!