Friday, March 22, 2013

Liebster Award #2!!

Yesterday I was nominated by Kelly Mae another Military Wife! Thank you so much!
I was nominated by another military wife before and you can see the rules here. I would like to nominate more bloggers, but I tried to do it last time and NO one responded to it. Also, I am excitingly waiting for my husband to come home from being going on patrol! Its been almost two months! I am so excited! But anyway, I will answer Kelly's questions!

(1) Did you play any sports in high school? 
- I was a cheerleader all throughout highschool. 
(2) What made you smile today?
- I smiled today because my husband is coming home soon!! 
(3) How many kids do you have or want?
- I do not have any kids but I do want four eventually. 
(4) Taco or burrito?
- Both? I like burritos more but taco bell just came out with the cool ranch taco and its AMAZING!
(5) What is one word you would use to describe your life?
- Unpredictable 
(6) What kind of music do you listen to?
- Taylor Swift lol 
(7) What is the last thing you ate?
- Taco Bell!!! ;D 
(8) If you were stranded on an island with just a beach chair, what would be your drink of choice?
- Uh, well I would like Passion Tea Lemonade. 
(9) Are you a morning person or a night owl?
- Night owl! For sure.  
(10) Do you prefer hot weather or cold weather?
(11) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
- I see myself with four kids, hopefully in a home that is ours after moving around so long!

Those are my questions! And speaking of Passion Tea Lemonade, I made some for myself. It is beyond yummy! I am so obsessed and at least I don't need to spend a fortune on it at Starbucks!
-Alison <3


  1. YUM Taco Bell :) I went there yesterday specifically for some Doritos tacos lol! Thank you for participating :)

    1. Hha! thats why I went there too! and thankyou!

  2. Oh, I love Passion Tea Lemonade too! I have been thinking about trying to make it at home -- thanks for the inspiration! :)

    1. You should totally try it! It is super easy! Have fun! :D