Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby Shower Ideas

Recently I found out that my best friend from back home is expecting a baby come November 2013! Her and her fiance were happily surprised to announce the news! So, I've come come up with a few things that I would get her as baby shower gifts. They're just general gifts that I think that any new mother would love to receive. And no, I am not a mother myself but I do follow a few blogs that have helped me come up with these gift ideas. 
one - two - three -four - fivesix - seven

1. Sophie the Giraffe Teether: I chose this just because it is super cute and can also used as a toy. I think any baby and mommy wouldn't mind a cute toy that can be used as the baby grows.
2. Boogie Wipes: I have heard such good things about these and honestly I think that they are cute. Where my friend lives is right in the cold and always where there is a lot of pollen. These will help her through out the seasons if the baby get sick and always helps with messes. 
3. Swaddle Blankets: Every baby registry I have looked at has mentioned these. One of my other friends had them for her baby and said they were awesome. The are extremely soft and helps wrap the baby up. 
4. Pacifier Clip: I know a lot of parents are weening away from using binkies/ pacifiers. But, this is a cute way to make sure that a binky doesn't get lost or dropped while shopping. Also, a good reason to have the baby's name embroided on something.
5. Monthly Onesie Stickers: One reason to get these would be a cute way to document the growth of the baby each month and also, my friend wants these really bad. And I think I might be the only one of her friends who knows what Etsy is! 
6. Pamper's Diapers: The obvious, parents go through one thousand diapers a year, and I'm not sure if she will be using cloth diapers. There is no harm in buying diapers for a newborn baby, especially sensitive.
7. Pacifier Thermometer: I actually found this on pinterest. After seeing what my friend goes through to get her sons temperature from his forehead, this looked ten times easier. A helpful product that can get the baby's temperature quicker. 

I am actually still in shock that she is pregnant, a couple weeks ago we were planning her wedding for September of 2015! Now, she said they might night get married at the courthouse. I just cant believe my TWENTY year old friend is pregnant before me! :D

I am so excited for them though! And I can't wait for her baby shower. It sucks that we live six hours apart! I'm gunna be called Aunt Ali! Haha! :)

-Alison <3


  1. I randomly stumbled upon your blog and must agree extremely to #4 the pacifier clip. We ended up mostly just using it for a toy clip so it's multi-purpose!

    1. oh good! i mean its also really cute too anyway. I'm glad you agreed! :)

  2. these are all great ideas but i must agree with kids at heart the pacifier clip is such a good idea.

    I also think boogie wipes are good.

    1. oh good!! i was afraid that not many people use pacifiers anymore so it would kinda be lame! but thankyou! :)

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