Thursday, March 14, 2013

Baby Girl Baby Shower

Last but not least, baby girl shower ideas!
I am so in love with everything on etsy that is for baby girls. I hope one day I am able to have a baby girl and to not only give her the world, but to share that connection that my mother & I have. 
As for these ideas all of them are from etsy except for number four. I just needed to add it because many mommy's have posted about these. And yes, majority of the blogs I follow are new mommy blogs! I have BABY FEVER, but currently living it through my friend until my husband and are are settled at our next duty station. 
Here's the list:

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1. Baby Girl Headband Wraps: I saw a little girl wearing these on another blog and wanted to go out and buy one myself! (which I did) This isn't a necessity but it is just to darn cute to not have for your little princess.
2. Personalized Monogram Onesie: Also not a necessity, but a girl wouldn't complain about their baby having to many outfits. Especially this one! It has a cute ruffled bottom and handband! I don't see anyone complaining about someone buying clothes for your baby!
3. Personalized Baby Wipe Case: Wipe cases can be so big and bulky, this allows you to take a handful and carry them in your diaper bag or even your purse. Another good thing about this, is sometimes if your baby goes to child care and you bring your own stuff it can never be lost or stolen due to the personalized name. 
4. Aden + Anais Sleeping Bag: "Breathable: helps reduce the rise of overheating. Comfy: the more you wash it, the softer it gets. Safe: replaces loose blankets for safer sleep." If that doesn't make you want to get one then I don't know what will! If it allows for your baby to be safer than what more reason do you need.
5. Baby Bibs: These bibs are supposed to be ultra soft and absorbent. No mom or dad will say no to more bibs. The more you have the less you have to wash and clean them. Especially if your baby is a messy eater!
6. Closet Dividers: I see these everywhere, and they are so helpful in keeping your life a little less crazy and more organized. As a girl, we all know how hard it is to keep your closet organized and now you got to do it for another person. These are easy and stylish for any little girls room. 

I know that these things aren't necessary for any new parent, but baby showers aren't always just about getting the things you need the most like diapers and onesies, or baby wash. Most likely someone else will be getting it for them. So why not be different and go out and buy stuff that they might actually enjoy and be different. That's what  would do! 

Thanks for reading!
-Alison <3

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