Monday, March 18, 2013

Bedroom Makeover!!

Happy Belated St. Patty's Day!!
I usually do celebrate St. Patty's day, but with my husband being deployed/underway, I did nothing yesterday. I actually totally forgot to wear green too. Hope you all had a fun celebration though!

Anyway, here is my master bedroom makeover. It's actually not quite that finished. I am looking everywhere for throw pillows and the picture frame on my dresser still needs pictures and to be hung! My dresser looks empty because the other side is where the television that my husband currently has on the boat goes. This makeover all started when I won the contest for the $200 Tina Turk comforter. The original post is here, so here you go!

Those are stuffed animals I sleep with when my husband is gone. The cat is in a coastie uniform. Don't judge!
This is what you see when you first walk into the room. We only have a full size bed for now. The pictures above the bed were all bought from a place called Garden Ridge here in Virginia. They have a few stores across the country, check out if you have one near you!

Window panels are from Brylane Home, the shelves you see on the side are from Garden Ridge, the frame on the left and the letters are from Marshall's/TJmaxx and the last frame on the right is from Kohls.

The top three pictures are of my dresser. The wall above it has frames that I have had from my old room, gifts from the bridal shower, walmart and the salvation army. not completely finished and still trying to fix the crooked-ness of the frames. The one picture of my dresser, is not finished. I am still trying to figure exactly what I want to do with my dresser. It is also missing the TV on the other side of the dresser. 

 These top pictures are a view from the window of our bed and my husband's dresser. On the dresser I placed pictures of my husband from the places he has been underway. Also the back right corner is the Oath Of Enlistment. Along with the coin he gave me before we got married saying, "I love Alison Walton." Kinda how he asked me, but not technically!! ;D

Hope you enjoyed the room makeover tour. It is very small but we only currently live in a one bedroom apartment. So everything is small except for our walk in closet, which I absolutely adore!!

Thanks for reading!
-Alison <3


  1. Very cute!! You should go to TJ maxx or marshalls to get some throw pillows they always have really cute ones for cheap!!

    1. thanks katie!! i have looked everywhere, this is nothing that i love and that matches the color! but i will keep looking! :D